Pure rider Alan takes the title!

Blackpool National Race Report Pure Bicycles.

The Pure team headed to the Sea side town of Blackpool for rounds 9 and 10 of the BMX national series this was the first time a national had been held at Blackpool so we all headed there excited to see what the weekend would bring.


Having had a few sessions on the Blackpool track, I was feeling confident going into round 9 and 10 of the national series. Being one of the longest tracks in the country, I decided to not race cruiser and focus on scoring maximum points towards the Masters title. Saturday’s  moto’s went well and I was happy with my gates and track speed, getting through the first jump fast which was very important. I won the semi final and took gate 2 for the main, with 2 fast guys either side of me it was going to be tight! I got the great gate I was looking for but couldn’t hold the lead into the first turn, chasing the win all the way to the line and a photo finish to take 2nd.

Rain showers on Sunday meant slippery conditions and I spent a lot of time making sure my Maxxis were clean and dry before going on the gate. Feeling a little disappointed with Saturdays result, I was determined to get the win on Sunday. Winning every lap going into the main, I picked lane 1 and got the holeshot, holding off the competition to get the win I wanted.

After the official points were released, it was confirmed I had won the series with 2 rounds left to race, my 35th UK career title. Looking forward to racing the last round at Telford with no pressure and a slightly shorter track length!


Jared had a good weekend in Blackpool. Having visited the track a few weeks earlier, he felt confident and comfortable on the track, having fun with the jump into the 1st berm every race. On Saturday they dropped 17 to go straight to semis but Jared went through to the final no problem with a 2nd in the semi. He finished 2nd in the final. Sunday was a better day with a 3rd, 1st, 1st in the moto’s, 1st in quarter and semi and went on to win the final. He goes into the final 2 rounds just 11 points behind the leader.


Due to a big crash in Italy at the European Championships left Luke unable to race at Blackpool due to a fractured jaw bone, he is hoping to be back in the saddle for Telford.


Having not been to Blackpool before it took a bit of time to get used to the track, it was certainly different to anything i had ridden before. Friday practice went well and i thought that i had the track nailed. Saturday morning we were told that there was an option to do the pro section which was definitely a shock! I got through the section pretty easily and progressed to do that in the majority of racing. Saturday went well and i made the semi finals with a few moto wins, unfortunately it didnt go how i wanted with mistakes proving costly and i come 6th in the semi. More mistakes led to a 3rd place finish in the B final, where i opted against the pro section and gained places. Sunday again started well with the pro section becoming the favoured section for the whole age group. More moto wins and a win in my quarter final lead to first pick in the semi. I chose gate 1 and made it work, being 3rd into the first turn and keeping it the whole lap. The weather turned against us with rain, leaving for some slippery conditions. The race didnt go to plan, having to roll through the pro section after being held up in a congested turn 1. I crossed the line 6th to finish weekend.


Overall, Blackpool was a really good weekend. I got off to a good start getting 2nd and 1st in my first two motos. However, in my last moto, coming out of the first corner, my front wheel slipped a bit so I lost control and came off. Luckily it wasn’t too bad a crash and I was only left with a few cuts so was fine to race. I didn’t get off to the best of starts in my semi final as a wheelspan slightly so I was left in about 6th but after fighting my way through, I managed to finish 4th and make it to the final. There was some tough competition in the final so I was just happy to have made it that far, and I ended up 7th.

On Day 2, I got off to a pretty good start as well with a 2nd in my first moto. In the next moto, my front wheel slipped on the gate so I had to start right from the back and try to fight my way through, I managed to get back into 4th but after taking the last corner cautiously due to the wet, I went back into 5th. I didn’t get the best of starts in my last moto and was 5th down the first straight but managed to pull back round the track and ended up 3rd. My semi final wasn’t the greatest, I got boxed in down the first straight and was near the back throughout the lap, unable to make a pass anywhere so I finished 6th and didn’t make it to the final.


Day one I raced well all day but in the final I made a small mistake on the gate and went a fraction to early which meant I hit the gate so had to fight my way back to finish 3rd, Day 2 was wet but I did not let this affect my process and I took each race well. Come the final and I had an inside pick of lane one and made this advantage stick and took the win with a lap that I was really pleased with, I am looking forwards to the next rounds at Telford.