Pure Scotland Race Report

The Pure Bicycle BMX team headed to Scotland this weekend to race in the British BMX series rounds 5 & 6. Maxxis riders Jared, Luke, Josh, Alan, Quillan and Neil were all looking forward to racing – with a great track and facility in Scotland.

Jared Hill

Jared was carrying lots of confidence from his double win in Birmingham. Saturday started well with two moto wins and progressing easily through to the A final where he got a great start and held onto the lead until he was chased down . Despite his best efforts to fight back, Jared couldn’t get the lead back and had to settle for a strong 2nd.

Sunday and again Jared won his 1st moto and went on to win his quarter and semi. He chose to go in gate 4, outside his strongest competitor, didn’t get his usual snap but was still level down the 1st straight, stuck on the outside he was not able to get into the lead. He chased hard all the way round in 2nd and was level with the leader going into the 2nd berm but couldn’t make a move, he also came very close down the last straight but had to settle for 2nd again.

Luke Mendes

Luke went to Scotland this year looking to double up and ride in both the 20” class and Cruiser class for the first time at a National. Having done a few Regionals doubling up before he knew it would be tough, and of course National weekends are double headers, so Saturday and Sunday racing.

Saturday ran ok, running through the moto’s without any issues.The 20” class went straight into semi’s, and the Cruiser class went straight into A Finals as there was 16 riders in that class.Luke made the A finals on both classes, getting a win in the Cruiser and a 2nd on the 20”.

Sunday morning Luke was feeling very fatigued from racing 2 bikes the day before, and the Cruiser’s had semi’s this time round.He did what he had to do to get through the moto’s on both the 20” and Cruiser, which meant compromising a couple of Cruiser moto’s. He raced 2 good semi’s putting him in the A final for both classes. He took a 2nd in the Cruiser and a 3rd on the 20”, having led the 20” race until the 3rd straight, but didn’t quite have the speed to finish it off.

Josh Butson

Saturday got off to a rather average start with a 3rd, 2nd, 4th in the motos. Not great gates left me behind slower riders which I struggled to get past at times leaving me with such moto results. In the quarter gate 1 was left for me and with a better gate this time round I was in second for the whole lap and pumped passed the leader to take the win on the last straight. Another poor gate in the semi left me with a lot of catching up to do and unfortunately I came within inches of but didn’t quite make the all-important fourth place. This gave me a B final where I took second in the race and seventh overall on the day.

Sunday started much better with a great start in moto one I lead the lap from the gate to the finish line. I followed this up with a 2nd and a 3rd. The quarter I scraped through only gaining the fourth spot with metres of the straight to go. Although with a strange turn of events the quarters were re-run due to gate problems. Having just got a fourth I was worried about not making it through, however was hoping I could have a better race. The latter happened, I holeshoted the race and led the entirety of the lap. 2nd pick in the semi was much better than what would have been last pick had there not been a re-run, and I took advantage of this with a 2nd place to make the A final. A great gate in the final left me battling for the leading places, but with it being so close i got caught onto another rider and ended up crashing out in the first turn. Not the best ending to the day but I proved to myself that I have the speed to mix it at the top, so all in all a successful weekend.

Quillan Isidore

I put together some consistent laps with good starts. That’s always my aim for any race.The competition this national was higher with Tre, Kyle and Curtis turning up. Day one they all finished ahead of me finishing 4th. Day 2 Kyle was missing due to his prep for worlds. My start in the final wasn’t great and being in between Curtis and Tre I couldn’t afford that. They closed me off which left them two fighting for the hole shot. They collided and Tre flew off the track, luckily I avoided the carnage and finished 2nd. It was good fun racing under the sun with a great atmosphere! I always love racing nationals!

Alan Hill

I was feeling confident going into round 5 and 6 at Cumbernauld after some good training and bike time, great weather and organisation from the host club was also welcome after the long journey north. With reduced numbers in my classes, there would be no semi finals so moto results would be important to get an inside lane pick. I dialled in the pickup over the first jump in practice, which helped me take moto wins and have first lane choice for the finals. With good starts, I holeshotted both finals to take the win in Cruiser and Masters, my first double for the season. Sunday was much the same and I finished the weekend unbeaten with maximum points putting me in a great position to challenge for the national titles again. A good session at the Blackpool track on the way home finished off a great weekend with the family and Pure team.

Neil Stewart

Rounds 5 & 6 of the National British BMX series just went down in Bonnie Scotland, and the awesome facility at Cumbernauld Centurions…Now running my Maxxis Torch Tyres in the Sun made all the difference as there was loads of grip in all the corners and out of the start gate! On Saturday I felt really good, and had two 1st place moto’s and a 2nd… Semi Final was tough, but I was confident going into it, and managed to get 2nd in the Semi Final. So another A final, and a pretty good lap to be fair, jumping the double at the end of the second straight saw me hang on to 4th in the final, very pleased…On to Sunday, and again good moto results meant a 4th to start followed by two 1st places… Semi Final again, and I was full of self-belief and came home in 2nd again, so another A final for The Warlock! Come the Final I didn’t get the best of starts, and was at the back of the pack, but I made a real Low Low move in the first corner and went form about 6th to 3rd, the Maxxis Torch Held their own for sure in that first corner.