The Torch BMX Tyre: Tyre Tests

The Torch BMX tyre is a favourite among competition BMX riders, including RideUK and magazine BMX Ultra. Read their opinions on this tyre below:

BMX Ultra

BMX Ultra tested the Torch in 2019 and were very pleased with the Maxxis Torch tyre.

“The tread pattern is quite simple which seems to me a running theme with Maxxis, not that it’s a bad thing, they seem to make it work.

Over the past few months, I’ve put in hundreds of kilometers riding on the road, and tracks with a variety of surfaces. From coarse and loose surface of pump tracks, to red clay corners at the local dirt jumps to high-speed tar and concrete corners at the race track the Torch tires are faultless.

What did surprise me was they aren’t showing a whole lot of wear.

Just like the DTH tires, the Torch is a great race tire, it has the pedigree and all the features you would expect from a premium BMX race tire.

  • Low profile tread/low rolling resistance
  • Good grip
  • Lightweight
  • Long-wearing
  • High pressure

I’d be quite happy to fork over my hard-earned money to run the Maxxis Torch.” – Shane Jenkins,, April 2019


Ride UK BMX reviewed the Maxxis Torch BMX tyre.

“Maxxis tyres have been the choice for the entire BMX Talk race team throughout the 2017 season and they have worked great. The team chose the Torch model (which was a hard decision, as the DTH is also a superb choice) for both design and the sizes available and haven’t looked back since.

The Maxxis Torch BMX race tyre gives a low rolling resistance on the straights and the confidence to stick it in on any turn. Maxxis have also developed a tubeless version of the Torch enabling riders to get rotational weight to an absolute minimum.” –, December 2017