MaxxEnduro M7324

    MaxxEnduro M7324

    • Rocks
    • Race
    • Sand
    • Hard Pack

    The MaxxEnduro is a race-specification enduro tyre designed for all-day riding in comfort, style and with extreme performance.

    • Easy to fit
    • Winner of the EnduroGP 2019 in its maiden year
    • Puncture-resistant
    • Resilient across a huge range of terrain and perfect for green-laning
    • Sheer surface grip as well as various terrain performance

    You can buy this tyre from your local dealer. Head into your usual enduro shop and ask for the Maxxis MaxxEnduro tyre. 


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    MaxxEnduro Championship Results

    EnduroGP 2019
    The MaxxEnduro tyre had its maiden year in the EnduroGP 2019 with team Beta Boano. Brad Freeman, a British rider for the Italian team, won the EnduroGP using the MaxxCross MaxxEnduro, and he has shared his opinion on the tyres with us:

    “I was riding with Michelin for over 10 years until I joined Beta Boano in 2017, so moving to Maxxis was quite a change. Fortunately I have confidence in what Maxxis tyres have and it’s been great. This year they’ve come out with a new set of enduro tyres which have proved to be really capable in all conditions so it’s really become a competitive tyre amongst the rest and I’m really happy to be using them.

    “It’s been a really fun experience testing and developing tyres with Maxxis. For me it’s a completely new thing but it’s been really good: we try a tyre, we get some feedback, and Maxxis have been completely on board and 100% with us so we’ve got to say a thanks to them because any changes we wanted to make or any opportunities we saw, they were completely up for it and you can see it’s paying off from the results of the new tyres we’ve got. Now with the Maxxis we have a really good set of tyres.” – Brad Freeman, EnduroGP Champion 2019

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