Supermaxx ST MA-ST2

    Supermaxx ST MA-ST2

    • Touring
    • Sport

    The Supermaxx ST is a sport touring motorcycle tyre designed to provide miles upon miles of comfortable riding with impressive grip when it’s needed the most.

    • Unrivalled cost per mile
    • A comfortable ride
    • Insane grip when needed
    • Reliable in the wet
    • Available in popular sizes for most sport touring motorbikes

    You can buy this tyre from your local dealer. Head into your usual tyre fitter and ask for the Maxxis Supermaxx ST tyre. 


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    Supermaxx ST Tyre: User Reviews

    Suzuki GSF 650N rider,, March 2019:
    “I bought these tyres to test them. The tyres are excellent with very very good handling. These are more sport tyres than touring tyres. The curving and leaning are more natural and easy than with my old Bridgestone BT 20. In wet condition the tyres are perfect. They are very soft and have excellent grip. I expect to last enough (10-15K) to be good for me. I prefer new tyres more often.” 

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    Supermaxx ST Tyre Test Results

    Not sure which sport touring motorcycle tyres to choose? Look to the pros' opinions:

    Motorcycle Sport and Leisure Magazine
    Motorcycle Sport and Leisure magazine tested the SuperMaxx ST in Spain for a road test and a track test at Ascari.

    Sports Riding
    “…the more laps I clocked, the better the grip levels got as the compound began to warm up. It didn’t take long for me to gain complete confidence in the tyres, achieving big lean angles and getting quite fruity with the throttle… The tyres felt very stable, and accurate, effortlessly taking in the high speed undulations that make up the rollercoaster layout of Ascari.”

    Touring on the Road
    “On a Kawasaki Z800 I was greeted with beautiful stability from the off, and the tyres really took the bumpy nature of the tarmac well… Grip was commendable, handling felt effortless and I had no moments to recount.”

    Motorcycle News
    “An impressive variety of bikes were available ranging from GSR750 and Z800 middleweight roadsters to 1000cc sports bikes right up to ZZ-R1400 and Hayabusa hyperbikes and the STs impressed on them all.

    The front, in particular, stood out, being both precise and stable while never lacking grip even under the most extreme riding conditions on whatever type of bike. That said, its firm rigidity, a result presumably of the spiral steel belts used for extra sidewall strength, marked it out as a sports-touring tyre, rather than as a softer pure sports one, but that’s in no way a criticism.

    The rear impressed, too. On the bigger, more powerful machines, some movement, slight squirming and, at extremes, minimal, controllable slides were experienced but only when really pushing hard powering out of turns. The rest of the time it was impressively grippy, stable and predictable. But on the smaller, lighter bikes, such as the impressively nimble and taut Kawasaki Z800, there was none of that: the rear always tracking predictably, firmly and with more than enough grip.”  – Phil West, Motorcycle News