Maxxis Launches New Global Website

In the final step in its digital makeover, Maxxis has launched its state-of-the-art global website, the new With an emphasis on user-friendly features, has been designed to enhance a visitor’s experience in multiple ways. 

The end result of a carefully planned redesign, is equally responsive and easy to use on a desktop, smart phone or tablet, with screen dimensions adjusted to fit any device. First-time users will see a clean layout which is enjoyable to navigate. With consumers’ needs in mind, the new has also been designed to answer questions on everything from tires to team events.

Initiated by Maxxis’ UK operation and created in collaboration with Maxxis in the U.S., the new site also brings many of Maxxis’ international sites under one umbrella for the first time. While not yet worldwide in its scope, the site serves as a hub which will automatically send visitors around the world to a country-specific site as well as country-specific tires and events. 

Maxxis invites visitors to sample the new