Heading to the Contidrome in Hanover, the duo put eight leading tyre brands to the test to separate the marketing hype from the true quality and performance on offer to motorists.

Noting that, after fuel, tyres represent the biggest costs in running a private hire fleet, the article questioned whether the same level of research goes into achieving value for money when it comes to treads.

Tailoring the tyre tests to the unique needs of drivers in the private hire and chauffeur sector, the magazine used an Audi A6 S-line on the track and a specially-modified Audi A4 on the Contidrome’s rail system, to ensure exactly the same piece of tarmac is used every time for fair and consistent results.

The tyres were tested against three core categories: comfort, cost and safety. A number of capabilities were tested, including cabin noise, wet braking, straight aquaplaning, curved aquaplaning and rolling resistance. After days of independent, scientific testing, the Maxxis Premitra HP5 was awarded third place over all, beating the likes of Pirelli, Hankook and Michelin.

The Primitra HP5 also received the Professional Driver Recommended stamp of approval, with the review concluding that the tyre represented ‘a promising debut for the new Premitra HP5 which provides a good balance between cost and performance.’

Commenting on the accolade, Maxxis’ managing director, Derek McMartin, said: “We’re thrilled that thorough, independent testing of eight leading tyre brands has recognised the quality, performance and value for money contained within our new flagship passenger car tyre. It’s true testament to the hard work at every stage, from research and development right through to production, which is helping us raise the bar for the global tyre market.

“We’ve always said that the Premitra HP5 would be a game changer and the fact Maxxis has been positioned higher than a number of better established, premium European tyre brands, just goes to show that we mean business!”