Rekon Plus

    Rekon Plus

    • Speed

    The Rekon+ is an aggressive trail tyre inspired by the Ikon+ for intermediate and technical terrain.

    • 27.5 Tyre
    • 3C Maxx Terra available
    • Designed for aggressive XC trails
    • Exo protection available
    • Tubeless ready (TR)
    • Tread design provides control under braking and assure support when carving loose turns


    Performance Ratings

    Mud Grip

    Cornering Ability

    Rolling Resistance


    Puncture Resistance

    Rekon Plus Tyre Test Results

    Look to independent professional tyre tests for the most thorough MTB tyre tests.

    MTBR rated the Rekon+ a very respectable 4/5:
    “We started our Maxxis Rekon+ testing at 17psi and found the grip to be incredible, but ride quality was a little rough. After dialing down pressure to 14psi, the casing’s soft and supple character began to shine through. Depending on terrain and riding style, I would suggest riding the Rekon+ at 15-16psi and dial down from there.

    Braking performance was superb and carving in and out of berms was a pleasure. When approaching fast, scrubbing speed, and then sprinting back up to speed, you can literally feel the knobs bite. And there was no slipping down wet off camber sections, nor did the sidewalls ever fold, even while tackling less than predictable terrain. By the end of my first ride, I trusted the Maxxis Rekon+ and was taking chances I normally wouldn’t.

    On fire roads and smooth singletrack, the Rekon+ roll fast and smooth. I could see using them for bike packing or even a long distance endurance race.

    Bottom line, the Maxxis Rekon+ is a fantastic tire for riders that like to go fast and appreciate a little extra grip. The tire is excellent option for cross country riders looking to add some trail capabilities to their tire arsenal without adding too much weight or adding rolling resistance. And while it’s narrower than claimed and I did notice some knob degradation near the end of this test, performance did not change. So while the Maxxis Rekon+ is on the pricier end in this tire category, it offers a full range of performance advantages and terrain capabilities that arguably make it worth the price of admission.” – Jordan Villella,, July 2018

    Bike Packing
    “Straight out of the gate, this tire was fasssssst. Having previously ridden 3” tires, the slimmer Rekon+ felt instantly faster, and the lower profile tread flew down the trail. I was able to keep up with friends on full-suspension rigs more easily than in the past. The Rekon+ hit that hardtail sweet spot where larger tires give you just enough squish to offset the lack of rear suspension without feeling like you’re pushing a massive amount of rubber. Normally, I would expect a tire with shorter lug depth to slide around on the trail, but the additional width of the plus-sized casing kept the tire sticking to the trail in all but the loosest situations.

    The tire gripped steadily on the rocky climbs and descents, and it also easily soaked up the chatter on the area’s many washboard fire roads. When I did lower the pressure, the tire was able to handle the added weight of fully loaded touring with no issue. The sidewall also seemed relatively unscathed by the X-shaped wear pattern that plagues many sidewalls when run at lower pressures, showing with only minimal sidewall weeping. The only condition I didn’t get to test was extended, super-low-psi travel in sand, à la the Baja Divide. All that said, I’ve had zero punctures or flats after almost 500 miles of riding.” – Spencer F Harding,, December 2018

    Worldwide Cyclery
    “I have been riding on these tires since I purchased my Ibis Mojo 3 back in March of 2017. After 1,000 miles, they have gotten me through some pretty rough terrain, all while keeping up with my weight weenie XC buddies on the flats and climbs. I’ve never had a single puncture, set up on Ibis 742 rims with regular Orange Seal, and they’ve seen some pretty gnarly trails in North Carolina.

    These tires roll super fast for the amount of grip they offer. Even through the loose, sandy terrain we have here in Florida, they have always been predictable while offering a really nice balance of weight and grip. The fast rolling center tread, evenly spaced cornering knobs, and low weight make these a winner given how well they’ve held up.

    I just purchased a new one and plan to install my front tire on the rear, and move the new tire up front. I can’t foresee myself changing to a different tire because every other tire I’ve tried in this weight class lacks either the cornering grip or durability that the Maxxis Rekon offers. In fact, I just ordered an Ibis Ripley so I can see how the 29 x 2.60″ Rekons perform, which I’m really looking forward to!” – Matt Serra,, April 2018

    Rekon Plus Tyre: User Reviews

    Sometimes the best reviews come from riders just like you.

    Rider,, April 2020:
    “I ride full suss mtb enduro and trail for a local club 3 times a week and recently bought this in 29×2.4 format for the rear as an autumn spring tyre and its been great even not bad in the wet.

    With all the dry weather I’ve swapped it onto the front and taken off the Minion DHF. Fitted my Ikon on the rear and WOW

    The bike flies along and the Rekon rolls fast but the soft edged shoulder lugs give super grip and the whole bike rolls and rides faster than my long distance hardtail on Ardents. I’ve been smashing out over 100k mtb trail rides with the super reliable Maxxis casings.”

    Rider,, May 2019:
    “The Rekons were my attempt at decreasing rolling drag whilst retaining good grip. JOB DONE! down at just under 20 PSI these things work solidly. I was expecting to loose the back end on corners and spin out some on scrabbly climbs. No such issues. They have gripped as well as the High Roller, and rolled better than the Nobby Nic that I’ve tried before. They’ve not had an outing in mud yet, but I expect like all plus tyres, this will be the weak point. Overall well impressed.”

    Rider,, June 2019:
    “Happy with the brand, sturdy and reliable, would buy again.”

    Rider,, March 2018:
    “These tyres are very fast rolling and cope with most conditions very well. The grip from these 2.8″ tyres is amazing, deep mud being the only downside.

    They are run tubeless and I use a Milkit kit on syncros rims they hardly lose any air, very impressive over all.

    I will try a chunkier front next winter, but these will be hard to beat”



    3C MaxxTerra

    An intermediate compound configuration used in select mountain tires. 3C MaxxTerra is softer and offers more traction than 3C MaxxSpeed, yet provides better treadwear and less rolling resistance than MaxxGrip.



    An extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tires. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tire remains unaffected. Choose EXO Protection for exceptionally rocky, treacherous trails where the chance of sidewall cuts and abrasions is high.


    Tubeless Ready

    Tubeless downhill set-ups are a great way to shave some weight and spend more time in the bike park or shuttling hot laps on your local runs. Sealant-compatible rubber is used with the familiar Maxxis dual-ply 60 TPI downhill construction and butyl insert for support and rim protection in order to offer the benefits of increased grip and reliability. A Tubeless Ready bead securely locks to the rim and the foldable bead provides additional weight savings.