Barry Deadlifting

Alabama Slamma: Part Two of the Barry Nobles Story

Part Two of the story of legendary BMX racer Barry Nobles is live!!

Directed, filmed, and edited by Ben Linderman, this documentary traces the trajectory of Barry Nobles from his beginnings as a BMX racer to reaching the pinnacle of the sport and his pursuit of another championship in the 2022 season. Titled “Alabama Slamma” after Barry’s racing moniker, the film highlights his remarkable on-track abilities, showcasing not only his skill but also his unwavering determination, hard work, and dedication to his craft. Utilizing interviews with Barry and archival footage, the documentary offers a distinctive and personal glimpse into the realm of BMX racing and the life of this champion.

Barry celebrating a world's win

Barry starting a race

Maxxis bmx tire

Barry embodies Maxxis, a premium, race-winning tire brand. He lives the values of top-tier performance, dedication, and a champion’s mindset—whether on the track or at home with family. Maxxis proudly considers Barry family as we celebrate his career achievements and share his story with the world.

Barry flipping

We can’t wait to see what Barry will do next!