Maxxis tires displayed at an event

Maxxis Updates EXO+ MTB Technology

Maxxis recently updated our EXO+ technology for mountain bikes. The new EXO+ technology starts with a 60 TPI casing coated in our new tear-resistant topping rubber. Our rubberized EXO material is added to the sidewalls along with a short butyl insert above each bead. Compared to the outgoing version, the new EXO+ has nearly twice the tread and sidewall puncture resistance plus a roughly 20% increase in pinch cut resistance. There is a slight increase in weight with the new EXO+, roughly 1%-5% depending on the tread pattern.

Description and renderings of the new EXO+ tech

The updated EXO+ has pulled in very positive reviews from media outlets. Pinkbike says “The new, beefier EXO+ with its 60 TPI, butyl-reinforced casing feels more secure at low pressures and is perhaps a better compromise than the old version” (2022 Canyon Strive Review). In their review of the updated EXO+ tires, Vital MTB says “Maxxis’ revamped EXO+ casing is a step forward from the previous iteration. With minimal weight gains and more heavy-duty performance, the new casing splits the difference between Maxxis’ other casing options to offer trail and enduro riders a highly capable choice. The addition of a butyl insert is a game-changer and increases tire support while keeping air from burping out of the tire during hard impacts.” Vital MTB doesn’t stop there: In their review of the latest Santa Cruz Megatower, they add “While we were concerned the EXO+ tires might’ve been in jeopardy from the abuse we dished out, we were very pleased to experience zero punctures thanks to the newly updated casing.”

Maxxis is delighted by the positive feedback, and we can’t wait for more people to get their hands on it! Head on over to to purchase.