Maxxis Silver A'Design-award-winning tires' tread.

Maxxis Wins Silver in A’ Design Award & Competition

Featuring an innovative design and a sleek, distinctive look, Maxxis’ T Razr passenger tire has won the silver in the international A’ Design Award & Competition.

Maxxis A’ Design Award

Judged on criteria including design, engineering, and presentation, A’ Design winners are chosen by panels which include academics, industry experts, designers, and journalists. Silver awards go to “a superior design providing ease of interaction or use, with high design value content, function, performance, and reliability” according to A’ Design Award.


Winners are honored at the annual A’ Design Award Gala Night in Italy, which this year is scheduled for June 28 at Teatro Sociale Como near Lake Como, Italy. Further details are available at


The T Razr is a winner for drivers as well as for Maxxis. This tire was designed to actively detect driving conditions, and provides active signals to transform the contact area. The T Razr not only provides extra control to cope with unexpected road conditions but also enhances traction, which guarantees more stable handling while accelerating, decelerating, braking and cornering.


Maxxis thanks the A’ Design Award & Competition for this honor, and extends it appreciation to all the drivers, designers, and engineers who helped to create the T Razr.