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UHC’s Buchanan Takes 2 More New Zealand National Titles

UHC’s Buchanan Takes 2 More New Zealand National Titles

Rushlee Buchanan dominated the most recent New Zealand National Championships, winning two additional titles and bringing her total for the season to three. Buchanan won both the individual time trial and the road race, after earning the criterium championship this past November. The latest events were held January 8-9 in Napier on New Zealand’s North Island. 

Strong winds in both races were as much of a challenge as her competitors, but the UnitedHealthcare rider prevailed. “I’ve never won an Elite TT before, and while it’s certainly been in my sights, I never dreamed it would be this year. I’m not a specialist, and I didn’t necessarily train for this TT, but the training that I did was good and everything worked on the day to give me that win. This is, for sure, a career highlight to take out the TT,” she said of the time trial. 

Buchanan used the wind to her advantage in the road race, employing a crosswind as part of an attack that made her one of eight riders in the lead group. “It was seriously windy; I had to really concentrate on holding the handlebars and not going off the road. I knew it would be just as hard back behind me, so I kept the pressure on until I felt I had done enough damage to myself and to the chasing group,” said Buchanan. “We played a bit of cat and mouse until I knew it was time and just put everything I had left into the pedals. I didn’t look back until I had crossed the finish line.”

Maxxis congratulates Rushlee Buchanan on her three New Zealand National titles, and thanks her for proving again that champions ride Maxxis.