Rider shredding out of the trees

Video - Intersections Series

Intersections Series Part 1: Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke is a city located in the southwest corner of Virginia, cradled snugly in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountains are a veritable playground for those who choose to explore them, and have held Maxxis athlete Brice Shirbach's imagination for as long as he can remember. They have also proven to have a genuinely transformative effect on the people who call them home, with bikes often being both a source of joy and a vessel for change for the growing community of riders who call Roanoke home. Join Maxxis athlete Brice Shirbach as he heads to this Southeastern mountain bike mecca to hear firsthand how powerful an effect riding bikes in the woods can have on people, and just how brilliant the trails really are.

Intersections Series Part 2: Davis, West Virginia

West Virginia is a state in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains that carries its fair share of stigmas; some well-earned, others less so. As beautiful as the landscape is, and with no shortage of natural resources to explore and enjoy, it's also a state that has seen a steady decline in population over the years. There is, however, one county bucking that trend: Tucker County, WV. Davis is a very small town in the middle of Tucker County with a well-earned sense of optimism that permeates throughout the region, and mountain bikes have played a rather large role in that. Maxxis athlete Brice Shirbach heads to the heart of West Virginia's highlands to get a taste of these good vibes for himself, and to sample some of the less-than-purpose-built glory that awaits him in the forests surrounding town.

Intersections Series Part 3: Duluth, Minnesota

Situated on the western shores of the largest fresh water lake on the planet, Duluth, Minnesota isn't exactly the first place that might come to mind when considering a mountain bike bucket list. But the world is full of surprises, and Maxxis athlete Brice Shirbach heads to the "Great White North" for a firsthand look at this Midwestern coastal community surrounded by hundreds of miles of trails and a community of riders looking to change lives with mountain biking. We often focus so much energy on the "how's" when it comes to advocacy and trail building that we often ignore the motivations and the "why's" behind it all. Join Brice as he explores those very questions with some of the leaders behind Duluth's stellar mountain bike community, while exploring their rugged and rowdy trails with a handful of local shredders.

Intersections Series Part 4: Boone, North Carolina

The city of Boone is located in the heart of North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, and acts as the hub and gateway for those looking to explore Pisgah's Grandfather district and the rest of the state's highlands. It's a community whose identity is intrinsically connected to the mountains that surround it, and it's full of people who value their time for recreation and exploration more than most. They have worked hard to build trust with various land managers in a part of the world where trust doesn't come easy, and the hard work has paid off in the form of access to some of the very best trails on either side of the country.