Mountain bike rims have gotten progressively wider in recent years. Rims with internal widths between 30mm and 35mm are now commonplace on new trail bikes and enduro mountain bikes, and many riders are upgrading the wheels on their current bikes. To take full advantage of these modern rims, riders need tires optimized for the extra width. Maxxis’ Wide Trail line of mountain bike tires are designed specifically with 30-35mm rims in mind and feature a revised tread block arrangement to maintain ideal knob positioning.


Maxxis offers a full range of Wide Trail tires to cover terrains ranging from buff hardpack to the gnarliest World Cup Downhill courses. Continue reading below for an in-depth explanation of Wide Trail and to check out the specific tread patterns offered.


MAXXIS Wide Trail Tire Lineup

With the Forekaster on your bike, you can forget about the weather and hit the trails.
Mountain Loose Loose Over Hard Medium Mud Wet
The Rekon is an aggressive trail tire inspired by the Ikon
Mountain Hard Pack Loose Loose Over Hard Medium
The new standard in enduro tires
Mountain Loose Loose Over Hard Medium
Ardent Race
Ardent Race
Bridging the gap
US Archive Hard Pack Loose Loose Over Hard Medium
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