Mud Bug

Aggressive lugs for an abundance of traction through mud bogs or down sloppy backcountry trails.

  • Comprehensive tread pattern delivers superior traction in mud, without sacrificing performance or ride comfort
  • 30mm tread bar height provides superior traction in the deepest mud
  • Reinforced Carcass Ridge (RCR) Technology delivers strength, reduces weight and sheds mud
  • Dual Stage Lugs (DSL) add to the overall tread lug strength
  • Sweeping, angled tread bars move mud out from the tread, enabling riders to tackle the most extreme riding conditions
  • One of the lightest mud tires on the market and easy to mount
  • Mud
  • Snow
  • Soft Terrain

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The Maxxis Mud Bug features extra-deep lugs to provide maximum traction in muddy terrain. In addition, angled tread bars divert mud away from the tire for improved grip. The Mud Bug is 6-ply rated for greater puncture resistance and is available in larger sizes to provide needed ground clearance. When mounting oversized tires on your ATV, be sure to check for proper fitment and tire clearance.


Part Number Position Size Ply Rating Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Tire Pressure/Load (psi/lbs) Rim Size (in) Tread Depth (in)
TM16263100 Rear AT25X11-10 6 25.2 10.8 5/420 10X8.0 38/32
TM16111000 Rear AT25X10-11 6 25.2 9.2 5/380 11X7.0 38/32
TM16730400 Rear AT25X10-12 6 25.2 9.2 5/430 12X7.0 38/32
TM16683000 Rear AT27X12-12 6 27 12 5/530 12X7.00 38/32
TM16680000 Front AT27X10-12 6 27 9.3 5/485 12X7.0 38/32
TM16677200 Front AT27X8-12 6 27.2 8.3 5/330 12X7.0 38/32
TM16676000 Rear AT26X12-12 6 26 10.6 5/515 12X7.0 38/32
TM16675000 Front AT26X10-12 6 26 9.1 5/485 12X7.0 38/32
TM16639400 Front AT25X8-12 6 25.2 8.3 5/290 12X7.0 38/32