Our planet is our home, the only place that offers us our basics survival provisions, so it is our responsibility to make sure it remains in the best possible condition for many years and generations to come.

Maxxis is committed to helping preserve the environment. This has led to the creation of new technologies to produce ‘Maxxis Green’ tires. This new technology, developed in the company’s Research & Development departments, looked at both tread design and materials used. The result is a range of greener Maxxis tires, offering better fuel consumption and improved tire durability, lengthening the tire replacement cycle. Improvements which both offer great benefits for the environment without compromising the superb performance you expect from Maxxis tires. 

As well as producing greener tires Maxxis is also involved in more environmental social awareness programmes, such as the ‘Cheer for the Earth’ initiative which targets environmental protection through fuel efficiency.  

Former NBA Basketball star Yao Ming, who was the tallest player in the league at 2.29m when he retired, joined Maxxis officials as they launched the company’s Cheer for the Earth initiative in 2011. Because correct tire pressure is crucial to fuel efficiency, Maxxis has offered free pressure checks and tire inflation at more than 1,000 stores. More than 150,000 customers took advantage of the promotion, saving an estimated 61,965 tons of carbon emissions.  

Maxxis also strives to be a good corporate citizen by minimising its impact on the environment. Because most Maxxis factories are ISO14001-certified, tires are produced in a clean and environmentally friendly way.


Approximately 242 million tires are discarded annually in the United States. Fewer than 7 percent are recycled, 11 percent is burned for fuel, and 5 percent are exported. The remaining 78 percent are sent to landfills, stockpiled, or illegally dumped. 
(The Biocycle Guide to Maximum Recycling)

If all tyres in the U.S. and Europe had innerliners with an improved IPR (Inflation Pressure Retention) of 1.5 percent, it would be equivalent to taking 3.2 million light vehicles off the road.
(ExxonMobil Chemical data)

Models predict that as the world consumes ever more fossil fuel, greenhouse gas concentrations will continue to rise, and Earth’s average surface temperature could rise between 2°C and 6°C by the end of the 21st century. Some of this warming will occur even if future greenhouse gas emissions are reduced because the Earth system has not yet fully adjusted to environmental changes we have already made.
(NASA - Earth Observatory)

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