ST Radial M8008

Rugged trailer radial with robust casing design and proven durability

  • Rim is for display purposes only and does not come with the tire.
  • Advanced tread compound designed to decrease rolling resistance for improved fuel economy and tread life
  • Double steel-belted construction for added strength and vehicle towing stability
  • Full nylon cap available in selected sizes for improved uniformity and durability
  • Excellent shock absorption while providing superior load-handling performance

The M8008 is a high-speed radial constructed tire, providing a smooth ride with extended tread life.

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Part Number Size Ply Rating Sidewall Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Max PSI Max Load (lbs) Tread Depth (in)
Rim Size (in) 13
TL08696000 175/80R13 6 BSW 24.1 7.1 50 1360 9/32
TL08896000 185/80R13 6 BSW 24.7 7.4 50 1480 9/32
Rim Size (in) 14
TL12460000 205/75R14 6 BSW 26.1 8.1 50 1760 9/32
TL12460100 205/75R14 8 BSW 26.1 8.1 65 2040 10/32
TL12474000 215/75R14 6 BSW 26.7 8.6 50 1870 9/32
Rim Size (in) 15
TL15700000 205/75R15 6 BSW 27.1 8.1 50 1820 9/32
TL15703000 205/75R15 8 BSW 27.1 8.1 65 2150 9/32
TL15713000 225/75R15 10 BSW 28.3 8.9 80 2830 9/32
TL15710000 225/75R15 8 BSW 28.3 8.9 65 2540 9/32
Rim Size (in) 16
TL30141000 235/80R16 10 BSW 30.8 9.5 80 3420 9/32

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