Light up the track or street with the Torch!

  • Grooved slick center tread
  • Lightweight construction
  • Textured cornering knobs

Originally designed as a race tire for modern BMX tracks, the Torch brings the heat to your competition. The Torch is available in 20", 24", and 29" sizes.

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Part Number Size ETRTO TPI Bead Weight (g) Compound Max PSI Tech Color Application
Rim Size 20
TB20354000 20X1 1/8 28-451 60 WIRE 260 DUAL 85 SilkWorm Black BMX
TB20626000 20X1 3/8 37-451 60 WIRE 310 DUAL 110 SilkWorm Black BMX
TB22783000 20X1.50 38-406 120 FOLDABLE 315 DUAL 110 SilkWorm Black BMX
TB24755000 20X1.75 44-406 120 FOLDABLE 345 DUAL 110 SilkWorm Black BMX
TB24755100 20X1.75 44-406 120 FOLDABLE 365 DUAL 110 SilkShield Black BMX
TB24755200 20X1.75 44-406 60 FOLDABLE 445 DUAL 110 NA Light Tan Wall BMX
TB29089100 20X1.75 44-406 120 FOLDABLE 380 DUAL 100 EXO/TR Black BMX
TB29519000 20X1.95 49-406 120 FOLDABLE 370 DUAL 110 SilkWorm Black BMX
TB29519300 20X1.95 49-406 60 FOLDABLE 490 DUAL 110 NA Light Tan Wall BMX
TB31032000 20X2.20 56-406 60 FOLDABLE 475 DUAL 110 SilkShield Black BMX
Rim Size 24
TB47641000 24X1.75 44-507 120 WIRE 450 DUAL 65 SilkWorm Black BMX
Rim Size 29
TB96651200 29X2.10 53-622 120 FOLDABLE 625 SINGLE 65 SilkWorm Black URBAN

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