Maxxis Victra VR-1 and RC-1 Compound Change

In response to customer feedback, Maxxis engineers have updated the tread compound on our Victra VR-1 and RC-1 to improve dry performance in the summer. This bulletin aims to help our customers understand the new nomenclature, performance improvements and how to distinguish the different compound tires.

1. Nomenclature:


Since new and old compound tires will co-exist during this transition period, Maxxis has new nomenclature to distinguish the new product from the old.

  • The new compound developed for the RC-1 is called “R2” and the old compound is called the “R1”.
  • The new compound developed for the VR-1 is called “S2” and the old compound is called the “S1”.


Future product descriptions will include the compound designation to minimize confusion. For example:

  • TP00058700    255/40ZR17 94W RC-1 (R2)
  • TP00000700    215/40ZR16 86W XL VR-1 (S2)

The R2 and S2 compounds are slightly different since the VR-1 was designed for more on-road use in dry and wet conditions. Both compounds are not designed to be used below 32ºF (0ºC) so please see our technical bulletin on cold weather storage guidelines here:


  1. Performance improvements:


The new R2/S2 compound improved tire irregular wear on track, handling, and overall grip. Maxxis recommends using the same compound tires in all positions.


  1. Distinction:


Customers can distinguish the old/new compound by the following methods:


  1. New Part Numbers – Updated compound tires have new part numbers.
  2. DOT (Department of Transportation) code – The R1/S1 compound tires will show “ABC” while the R2/S2 compound tires will read ACC or ACL (see below for instructions)

figures 1a and 1b

Figure 1a and 1b: Find the “DOT” side of the tire by locating the red and yellow markers.

figures 2a and 2b

Figure 2a and 2b: Locate the DOT code area

 figures 3a and 3b

Figure 3a and 3b: Read the code in front of the 4 digit date code.



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