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Kyle Hart

A Maxxis title-sponsored driver, Kyle Hart is following the example of dad Marty Hart by scorching a path to the Pro Light podium in the TORC series. He opened the TORC season with wins in the first two races, and has consistently led the class in points. Riding Bighorns to victory, #41 is a surefire winner.

Kyle Hart grew up watching and learning from his father, Marty Hart. The elder Hart has been a legend since his three-wheeler days, leaving Louisiana at the age of 18 and racing motocross, three-wheelers, and multiple classes in Baja, rock crawling and short course off-road racing.

Even as a child, Kyle knew that he would follow in his dad’s footsteps. At the tender age of three, he threw his leg over a PW50, and there was no stopping him. In 2011, he headed west with his father, stepping into a Modified Kart, learning his limits and earning top-five finishes. His first-ever win, at mid-season, gave the crowd a thriller, as he pulled ahead by 19/100ths of a second, winning by the smallest margin of victory ever recorded in Lucas Oil Off Road history.

In 2013, Kyle took on the Pro Light class, which requires skill, speed and a lot of luck. The first season was a learning experience, as he gained an in-depth understanding of the dynamics and physics of the car, found the edge of his limits, worked on his own car, and learned essential skills such as marketing his team.

The next year, he proved that he was able to run up front with the more seasoned veterans of the class, but ended up having bad luck with the truck. After some retooling, Kyle took his first Pro Light career win in Reno, Nevada; the talented rookie had become a serious contender. In 2015, he began the year with a win and went on to deliver a season of smooth performances. Marty and Kyle also took their very first father-son wins, in St. Louis, Missouri, during 2015.

Like his father, Kyle’s skill set encompasses virtually all aspects of the motorsports industry, from building to testing and developing high-performance race trucks. Outside the racing world, Kyle has made the decision to take over the family business, Hart’s Glass, a commercial and auto glass business that has been in the Hart family for over 30 years.


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