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Bradley Morris

Sixteen-year-old Bradley Morris has been racing since age nine. Bradley enjoys driving so much that he practices even when he’s not in the truck, playing racing video games and driving his BME wrapped RC Cars. Over the past seven years, he’s progressed from Jr Trophy Karts to Modified Karts, capturing several wins and championships. He also had the opportunity to race Ford Focus Midgets and Sprints Cars on the dirt oval track, taking many feature wins.

In every move up the racing ladder, Bradley wastes no time in making his mark. He raced Limited Buggy in LOORRS and was named 2011 Rookie of the Year. The next year, he was again Rookie of the Year after moving to Pro Lite. He repeated the feat in 2013 with Pro Buggy. For the past several years, Bradley has competed in Pro 4. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, go karting, downhill mountain biking, and snowboarding.


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