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Jessie Haines

Over the past decade, Jesse Haines has established himself as one of the top fabricators in the off-road industry, while simultaneously cementing his legacy as one of the winningest drivers in rock crawling history. Haines was first introduced to rock crawling while competing at the legendary Four Wheeler Magazine Top Truck Challenge in 2002, and he quickly developed a passion for the sport. Just three short years later, he found himself atop the podium as the W.E.ROCK Unlimited Class National Champion, winning with a vehicle of his own design. Haines has won an astounding 12 rock crawling competitions in contests from Pennsylvania to California, a series championship, and dozens of podiums. Between competitions, he has built numerous championship-winning vehicles for both himself and his competitors. Haines has been on the leading edge of the wildly popular Ultra4 Racing explosion with respectable finishes at VORRA desert races, the Ultra 4 Stampede, and the King of the Hammers. He is also a prominent presence on the small screen, with appearances on Trucks TV, Extreme 4×4, Superlift TV, Lucas Oil – On The Edge, MTV’s Megadrive, and Modern Marvels.


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