All Eyes Are on Digital Wellness with Ben Grannis’ Eyes Up/Maxxis Ride Interviews

Digital wellness involves a conscious effort to create mental, physical and social wellbeing while staying alert to one’s natural and digital surroundings or environment.


Smart phones are everywhere, and despite the advantages they bring to daily life for billions around the world, their convenience and access to media comes at a cost. That cost includes the thousands of injuries and fatalities caused every year by distracted driving. Through his journey across the U.S., Ben Grannis has been trying to reduce that tragic price tag by spreading awareness of the benefits of life away from screens. As his Eyes Up Ride site notes, “When we put the phone down, it’s a lot easier to: look at the beauty around us; listen to the people we love; live life to the fullest.”


During the last leg of his trip, Grannis spoke to Maxxis-sponsored athletes across the country to learn about their perspectives on digital wellness. From October 22 through November 19, he interviewed 24 Maxxis athletes in 21 states across the U.S. Those interviews are premiering on YouTube every two weeks through September, beginning with Grannis’ chat with Jeremy McGrath.


“It’s been amazing,” Grannis said of the interviews. “So far these guys are just the nicest people I’ve met. We’ve had the greatest conversations. With each conversation, I’m feeling more and more excited about how it’s going to turn out.” He’s also had a good response from those who’ve learned about his ride as he’s crossed the country: “Since I started the whole campaign [in 2021], the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and there’s not a person who’s questioned the mission.” One side benefit for Grannis: As a cyclist, he’s learned more about sports which were new to him through talks with athletes who compete in a range of disciplines.


Maxxis also aided Grannis’ cross-country trek through donations of Rambler tires for his bicycle and RAZR AT tires for his truck. “I just hit 1,500 miles on the truck tires. They’re fantastic: super-smooth and fuel-efficient. I’ve noticed that the fuel efficiency has gone up quite a bit since having them put on. The bike tires are also great; I rode 800 miles on the same set of tires on the Pacific coast late this summer,” he said.


Chris Jenkins, automotive programs manager at Maxxis: “Maxxis is the perfect brand to take the lead in spreading the word about digital wellness and safety. We’re all about living life to the fullest, adventure and promoting an outdoor lifestyle. Maxxis has succeeded on and off the road as we continue to lead the way in off-road racing, road racing, SxS (Side x Side power sports) and bicycle. We have dominated these disciplines for years and have been able to translate that heritage and technology to our everyday consumer product. Along with that comes a responsibility for Maxxis to support all of our athletes and encourage everyone to be more aware and to be a safer driver and/or biker.”


Fans can learn more about Grannis’ efforts at eyesupride.com. Maxxis is proud to support Ben Grannis and his mission.


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