Emil with a crazy trick

Crankworx Innsbruck: Maxxis Riders Tread Victoriously

Crankworx Innsbruck 2021 was one to remember. From the first-ever women’s backflip at a Crankworx event to the tight racing in all categories, every broadcast was a must-watch. With Crankworx, it’s a blast to follow your favorite athletes throughout the week and cheer for them in whatever events they choose to contest!

Dual slalom riders lined up

The week kicked off with the Specialized Dual Slalom race on Thursday; some of the best racing action for viewers! Riders go head-to-head in a two-run, side-by-side format in which the best time moves on to the next round. Viewers were able to experience insights into tire choice during the live streams this week, and a popular dual slalom combo was the Maxxis DHF up front and a DHF, High Roller II, or DHR II in the rear. After the dust settled, and many fierce races transpired, Maxxis riders Tomas Slavik (Ghost Bikes) and Harriet Burbidge-Smith (Trek Bikes AU) stood atop both Men’s and Women’s Elite podiums. Ed Masters (Pivot Cycles) also took second place in Men’s Elite, while Noel Niederberger (Shimano Switzerland) and Vali Höll (Rockshox Trek Race Team) both were third in Men and Women Elite.

Tomas Slavik on his way to a winning run

Later in the day on Thursday, the Rockshox Pump Track Challenge took place. Although it shares the side-by-side, best-time-wins aspects of dual slalom, there’s one big difference: the bike must have no chain. This means all the speed riders get must be from pumping the bike – hence the name of the event. Since rolling speed is a high priority, the Maxxis Pace, Ikon, and DTH were popular tire choices for this race. Once again, Maxxis had a solid outcome with Kialani Hines (Pivot Cycles) on the Women’s Elite podium in second place, while Adrien Loron (IXS) just missed out in fifth place.

Verbeeck looking for the podium

Friday’s event was the CLIF Speed and Style – a unique, side-by-side race where the tricks you throw down the course will deduct time from your run, with the deduction amount dependent on the difficulty and fluidity of the trick. Tire choice-wise, there were many Maxxis Minion DHF and Ardent tires being used for this race. Even with tons of competition and the weight of doing many other Crankworx events, Maxxis riders Vaea Verbeeck (Rocky Mountain) and Harriet Burbidge-Smith (Trek Bikes AU) took second and third in Elite Women, proving their versatility.

Maxxis rider sending it in speed and style

Saturday brought one of the most anticipated events of the year – the Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle. Utilizing a two-run format, riders try to throw down the best, highest-scoring tricks on the legendary Innsbruck slopestyle course. Under pressure to keep his Crankworx win streak, Maxxis rider Emil Johansson (Trek Bikes) did just that, walking away with the gold medal and arguably one of the best Crankworx slopestyle runs of all time. Emil ran the Maxxis Ikon up front and the Maxxis Pace on the rear of his winning Trek Ticket S.

Emil sending it

Emil's winning bike - crankworx innsbruck

To cap off an incredible week, Sunday’s downhill race did not disappoint. With just one run, trying to get the fastest time down the Innsbruck track, riders were pushed to their limits. Maxxis racers continued to perform, and Vali Höll (Rockshox Trek Race Team) took the win in the Elite Women’s category. Vali’s Trek Session was equipped with a Maxxis DHF up front and a DHR II in the rear. Following up, Jackson Goldstone (Miranda Factory Team) took the win in U19 Men, while Troy Brosnan (Canyon Collective) continues his hot streak by snagging second place in Elite Men.

Vali crushing the dh race

Jackson Goldstone, 2021 Innsbruck U19 winner

Brosnan racing to 2nd

Women's elite podium

Crankworx Innsbruck was exciting, entertaining, and memorable for all of us here at Maxxis. We can’t wait for the next round in September!