Jordi cornering

Introducing the All-New High Road SL

Going toe-to-toe with the best in road racing, the successor to the featherweight High Road SL improves on its predecessor across the board.

The tube-type version features increased puncture protection as well as improved rolling resistance. With a single-ply overlap carcass design, you’ll feel the difference in every pedal stroke. The tubeless-ready version also has increased puncture protection and decreased rolling resistance plus reduced weight, thanks to a cutting-edge new Turn-Up construction and our HYPR-S compound. Both versions feature a new 150 TPI casing that balances puncture resistance and a featherweight feeling, delivering the confidence to destroy any race circuit in your way.

New high road sl tread

The High Road SL ships in a fully recyclable paper box made from 85-90% post-consumer recycled paper. Look for more innovations in this area as Maxxis expands the use of recycled materials into the construction of tires themselves.

New high road sl packaging

Upgrade to the new High Road SL, and leave your competition in the dust. Available soon!