Brice taking the high line on a trail

Maxxis and Brice Shirbach introduce "Intersections" series in Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke is a city located in the southwest corner of Virginia, cradled snugly in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountains are a veritable playground for those who choose to explore them, and have held Maxxis athlete Brice Shirbach’s imagination for as long as he can remember. They have also proven to have a genuinely transformative effect on the people who call them home, with bikes often being both a source of joy and a vessel for change for the growing community of riders who call Roanoke home.

Join Maxxis athlete Brice Shirbach as he heads to this Southeastern mountain bike mecca to hear firsthand how powerful an effect riding bikes in the woods can have on people, and just how brilliant the trails really are.

Riders: Brice Shirbach, Robbie Hobson, Michael Carnrike, Matt Clements, and Lucas Weaver