Off-Road’s Top Drivers Take on Best in the Desert Maxxis Tires Parker 425

Two weeks after the season kick-off, Parker, Arizona is again the starting point for top-tier off-road racing as Best in the Desert’s Maxxis Tires Parker 425 gets underway. Running January 21-22, the Maxxis Tires Parker 425 features light truck and auto racing over one of the most rugged desert courses in the sport.

Drivers running the Maxxis RAZR MT or other Maxxis tires are eligible for the company’s generous, best-in-category contingency program, which offers actual cash prizes rather than store credit to qualifying riders and drivers. Maxxis’ contingency program awards prizes to more positions with fewer entries required than those of most other programs. Racers who run Maxxis for the entire year can also earn an end-of-season cash bonus.

In addition to the Maxxis contingency program and the benefit offered by race-winning tires, drivers and riders who choose Maxxis for the Parker 425 and other Best in the Desert events enjoy another advantage: the company is now offering free concierge pre-order service exclusively for the series.

Racers who want top-drawer Maxxis products such as the RAZR XT for SxS or the RAZR MT for light truck find a streamlined, rider and driver-friendly process that maximizes service and minimizes effort. Whether they’re racing auto, truck, motorcycle, ATV or SxS, racers are able to pre-order tires with the assistance of a Maxxis concierge, who will help them to choose the right model for their racing needs and determine the most efficient, cost-effective means of getting their tires. This service is provided by Maxxis at no charge to the rider or driver.

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