Wienen Wins at ATV Pro Challenge MX

With victories in all three motos, Chad Wienen claimed the $10,000 top prize at the ATV Pro Challenge MX in Memory of Caleb Moore. Five Maxxis-sponsored riders joined him in the top ten at the event, held October 4-5 in Kemp, Texas.

Wienen, who turned in the second-fastest qualifying time on Friday, made steady progress in the next day’s first moto. Riding Razr Cross fronts and Razr MX rears, he took the lead by the fourth lap and held it through the end of the race, earning a close victory. The next moto saw an even better performance from Wienen, as he grabbed the lead in the first lap and won by a margin of more than three seconds. The third moto was on track to be much closer, with Wienen battling another rider to gain the lead for the first three laps. When Wienen was the first back on the course after a collision, however, he gained the lead for the remainder of the moto, and won by more than six seconds. “The start was a little sandy, but we had awesome traction, and I was in the top three each time, very consistent,” he said. “Everything was dialed from there. The track was really rough, but I could ride comfortably and to my full potential!”

Earning third place overall, Josh Upperman also had a great weekend, taking holeshots in the first two motos and narrowly missing the holeshot in the third. Upperman was 3-2-8 for the day, after a mishap in the third moto cost him time.  Thomas Brown also did well, going 4-5-3 for the day. Riding Razr Xm front and rear tires, West Coast racer David Haagsma was 5-8-6 for seventh place overall, while Casey Martin and Brad Riley rounded out the top ten for Maxxis.

Maxxis congratulates Chad Wienen on this decisive victory and thanks all of its riders for an incredible weekend of racing in one of the ATV world’s biggest events.