Buckshot Mudder II MT-764

    Buckshot Mudder II MT-764

    • Mud Terrain

    Introducing the new and improved Buckshot Mudder

    • Aggressive talon-shaped tread elements provide excellent performance in muddy and rocky conditions
    • Cut resistant tread and shoulder compound for dependable off-road use
    • Staggered shoulder lugs for added traction on uneven terrain
    • Stone and mud ejectors for outstanding self-cleaning capability
    • Tread blocks pinned for studs for extra traction on icy road conditions
    • Unique, aggressive sidewall enhance the rugged off-road appearance


    Sidewall: BSW = Black Sidewall | OWL = Outlined White Lettering | OBL = Outline Black Letter | RBL = Raised Black Letter | RBW = Raised Black Wall | RWL = Raised White Letter | RWW = Raised White Wall

    Service Description: XL = Extra Load