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Victra RC-1 BMW E30 Setup Recommendations

Victra RC-1 BMW E30 Setup Recommendations

Maxxis has partnered with TFB Performance and NASA to determine the vehicle setup that racers should start at when using the Maxxis RC-1. Maxxis recommends the following vehicle/tire setup while using the RC-1 on the BMW E30 based on data collected from multiple race sessions.

Victra RC-1 tire three quarter product image
Victra RC-1

Maxxis Recommendations:


  • Hot Tire Pressure – Target hot tire pressures should be between 33-38 psi. Maxxis recommends racers adjust hot pressures at 1-psi increments based on track conditions, tire temperatures, and fine-tune as needed.


  • Tire Running Temperature – The recommended tire running temperature for the RC-1 is between

                140° F – 240° F (60° C – 155° C)


  • Vehicle Alignment Setup and Test Weight Distribution – Racers should use the following recommendation as a starting setup and adjust to their vehicle, track conditions, and driving style.


BMW E30 Alignment Settings and Weight Distribution

Front Left Front Right
Camber (Deg) Toe (mm) Camber (Deg) Toe (mm)
-4.2 -2.0 -4.2 -2.0
Rear Left Rear Right
Camber (Deg) Toe (mm) Camber (Deg) Toe (mm)
-3.0 +1.0 -3.0 +1.0
Vehicle Test Weight: 2,727 lbs
Weight Distribution 52% Front / 48% Rear


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